Planadas Sugar Cane Decaf Colombia


Planadas Sugar Cane Decaf Colombia


In this coffee, we taste peach, brown sugar, red apple, with an almond finish. 

This coffee is decaffeinated using the Sugar Cane EA (ethyl acetate) process. In this process, the coffee is initially steamed to allow the pores to open. Then, the coffee is soaked in a solution of Ethyl Acetate, which is naturally derived by fermenting sugarcane.  This solution extracts the caffeine, and it is drained and replaced until the caffeine has been removed (usually about 8-10 hours). Finally, a final steaming rinses any remaining Ethyl Acetate from the green coffee before the it is dried and shipped.


Coffee is roasted on Tuesdays, shipped by Wednesday each week.

Location: Planadas, Tolima in Colombia

Processing: Washed Process

Decaffination Method: Sugarcane EA

Cultivars: Mixed

Importer: Anthem Coffee Imports

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